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May 12, 2017

On Wednesday night, a conversation outside of Irwin involving a leader of the Young Republicans club grew into a debate, then bubbled over into an argument that drew a crowd of around 40 people. Faculty got involved, and students began to shout and take offense. Numerous problems with Lawrenceville’s administration, student organizations, and school culture made this dialogue fail. We must address these issues so that the sanctity of discussion, ...

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April 29, 2017

Every year, the School awards an alumnus with the prestigious Lawrenceville Medal, also known as the Aldo Leopold Award. The award is named after Aldo Leopold, Class of 1905, an environmentalist and philosopher known for coining the term “land ethic” and penning the seminal work “The Sand Country Almanac.” In keeping with his legacy, Lawrenceville takes sustainability seriously: Initiatives such as the internship program at the Big Red Farm and ...

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April 08, 2017

Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “La Traviata” personifies itself into a distant warmth. Sitting in the audience, side-by-side with my classmates, I felt as if I already knew its story, its notes, and its pulse—but only from afar, like white space in pencil drawings or a new roommate on the first day. I had been to the opera as a child, but seeing “La Traviata” was the first time I had attempted ...