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March 31, 2017

So much of what "Ambivalence" means to me is knowing, accepting, and loving my history. If you can remember my poetry performance during school meeting, I rattled off about 20 names of influential African-American figures, and while it might have sounded like I was just listing a bunch of random individuals, rattling off names had a purpose. Often, because of the hardship endured in the history of African-Americans, it is ...

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April 16, 2016

Community, Communication, and Cultural Competence We are exceptional. We were chosen from a pool of thousands to represent the greatest school in the nation. In my eyes, Lawrenceville is a haven for the open-minded, and we must take advantage of it. There are very few places on earth with the geographical, cultural, socioeconomic, and philosophical diversity that we have. It should not be enough for a Lawrentian to solely aspire to ...