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May 28, 2017

While we say goodbye to all our seniors this Sunday and send them off to their new beginnings at their respective colleges, a few Lawrentians will start their adventures of gap years before attending college. Gap years are becoming more and more common, but a stigma continues to surround them that suggests the person taking a gap year is unmotivated and will spend the year on the couch. However, our ...

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November 11, 2016

I’ve always been the auditioner, not the caster. I have grown up being the one to walk into the room, nervous, hoping that I am what the person sitting behind the table wants. I always over-analyze everything said or done in the casting room. It would scare me if the casting agent breathed a little loud, or looked unamused, or wrote notes down before I finished. Did they decide I ...

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February 27, 2015

A show full of blood, murder, and greed will take the Blackbox stage of the Kirby Arts Center this coming weekend (February 27 & 28). We II Formers have been working on this show since November, acting, sewing, and building. This year’s production is Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest. This was a risky show to take on, as many people in the theatre world believe that it is cursed. It’s believed that ...