Final Acts of Winterfest

Arts  /  by Nadiia Dubchak ’19 and Linda Li ’19  /  February 09, 2018

Courtesy of The Lawrenceville School

Tonight and tomorrow at 7:00 PM, students will present the remaining five Winterfest plays in C Night.

“I'm looking forward to kicking back and seeing all the techies, actors and directors' months of hard work come together into a great show,” Head of Winterfest Grace Blaxill ’18 said. Here’s a preview of all the shows:

The ‘M’ Word by Alan Ball

Directors: Lily Vore ’19 & Addy Brown ’19

Cast: Zoe Thierfelder ’19 & Nick Winkler ’20

Having acted in Periwig before, both Brown and Vore decided to take a stab at directing.

According to Vore, The ‘M’ Word is “a funny, thought-provoking show about two business professionals [who] have a relationship. The man finally decides, ‘Today is the day I want to ask her to marry me!’ but [...] has trouble getting the word out.”

Candy Heart by Theresa Rebeck

Directors: Allison Chou ’19 & Ally Kim ’19

Cast: Lana Utley ’20 & Charlotte Frumkin ’20

Kim and Chou never imagined themselves directing a play—however, this year, with their teachers’ support, they decided to direct a short piece about two girls in a bar on Valentine’s Day, “lonely and coping with it.”

“We wanted to get a classic comedic aspect, but at the same time, [the play] does talk about feminism,” Kim said.

The Rumor by Dan Kois

Directors: Andres Larrieu ’18 & Eric Cheng ’18

Cast: Adrian Lee ’18, Alvaro Barrera ’18, Molly Fitzgerald ’19, Priya Kumar ’18, Rick Garcia-Bengochea ’19, Robert Smith ’20

“The Rumor is a play about a respected baseball player becoming entangled in a career-threatening rumor,” Cheng said. While only Larrieu has acting experience, both directors were part of Impulse in their III and IV Form years.

“We felt that the humor of this short play resonated with us, and that our improvisational comedy experience would lend well to this play,” Cheng added.

Family of Names by Catherine Pelonero

Director: Sonia Maria Shah ’18

Cast: Serena Khanna ’18 & Cate Levy ’20

After working as a technician backstage, Shah decided to try directing.

“My show is a short conversation between two women, in which their [opposing] personalities lead to funny, ridiculous miscommunication,” Shah said. “I’m excited to watch it [...] and hopefully hear the audience laugh along to the witty, sarcastic humor.”

Old Macbeth Had a Farm by Tim Kochenderfer

Director: Bianca Mangravite ’18

Assistant Director: Emily Matcham ’20

Cast: Charlie Christoffersen ’18, Annika Goldman ’18, Alex Small ’18, Waju Oloritun ’18, Adrian Schwalbe ’18, Caroline Colavita ’18, Eddie Xu ’18, Jeremy Huang ’18, Caroline Friedman ’19, Sara Dasgupta ’19, Shannon Groves ’19, Chase Johnson ’19, Isabel Paine ’20, Simon Cull ’20, Michael Woodley ’20, Tasan Smith-Gandy ’20, Thomas Park ’20, Samika Hariharan ’20

After two rejections, Mangravite finally has her chance this year to put on this “completely ridiculous, [...] modernized version of Macbeth set in a fast-food chain.” She added, “The script itself is funny, but after you get the juices flowing, people start coming up with ideas, [...] so it gets funnier as it goes.”

Goldman, who played Lady Macbeth in the 2015 Freshman Shakespeare production of Macbeth, said, “It has been interesting [to see] what I am carrying over from the ‘real’ Lady Macbeth to this Lady Macbeth.”

With an 18-person cast, Mangravite and Matcham often struggled with finding rehearsal spaces, and once had to conduct a four-hour practice on an early Sunday morning in the Kirby Arts Center parking lot. Another challenge was the costuming, which has been added to Winterfest’s biggest shows for the first time.

Costume designer Annie Hait ’19 has been working exclusively on costuming Old Macbeth Had a Farm, creating “a combination of Elizabethan and modern styles.” She said, “Most interesting costumes that will be on stage [are those of] the farmers [...] overalls, poet blouses, and big straw hats.”

“I personally believe it’s the most exciting [show],” Mangravite said. “Also, watch out for Tasan Smith-Gandy.”