Captains’ Profile: Rentrup ’18, Huang ’18, and Hosaka ’18

Sports  /  by Linda Li '19  /  February 09, 2018

Olalla Duato '18 / The Lawrence

This winter, V Formers Jeremy Huang ’18, Louis Hosaka ’18, and Meinhardt Rentrup ’18 are captaining the Boys Varsity Track and Field Team. Their primary events are the long jump, the 800m and 1600m, and the 400m and 200m, respectively.

Huang began track at an early age by joining his school team in the fifth grade. Hosaka and Rentrup started much later—with no winter sport his III Form year, Hosaka decided to take a shot at track, and Rentrup, having occasionally run prior to coming to Lawrenceville, picked up the sport his II Form Spring Term. In the offseason, Huang trains with his Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) team, Hosaka often goes on runs to keep up his endurance, and Rentrup finds his soccer training very helpful in maintaining his fitness.

All three captains have learned a lot from track. Although he found it “frustrating when [he couldn’t] contribute to the team,” Huang said his injuries throughout his career pushed him “to find other ways to make an impact on the team” and “taught [him] to avoid acting recklessly and [maximize his] efforts when it counts.” For Hosaka, track has shown him that “a lot of things are mental” and that oftentimes the only thing limiting people’s ability is their own mindsets. Rentrup has not only learned the value of “pushing yourself” because “you only see results in your races if you work hard during practice,” but he has also “gotten into the rhythm of how to successfully balance academics and extracurriculars,” with which he initially struggled.

All three captains agree that being with their teammates is one of their favorite parts of participating in track. Huang, who entered the school as a new IV Former, formed many of his closest friendships on the track team, and Hosaka noted that “everyone [is] friends with each other.” Rentrup enjoys doing track with his teammates because “it is a lot more fun to exercise in groups, and it makes hard workouts easier to handle.”

This year, with the loss of many strong athletes and the addition of many new ones, the team has experienced some change. “With a young team it has been hard to win points, but we’ve been doing well,” Hosaka said. “It has been up to the current seniors to step up,” Huang added. The team has, however, become more balanced than in the past.

“While last year there was more pressure on certain athletes, this year the sprinters, distance runners, and the field events all play crucial roles,” Rentrup said, and the young athletes exhibit a lot of promising talent. Furthermore, the captains find that the sense of camaraderie among team members has improved throughout the season, and they do their best to mentor younger athletes, particularly those of the same events.

So far, the team has been doing well, with many runners achieving personal records in their respective events. Season highlights include Robert Enck’s ’19 breaking 2:00 in the 800m, the Short Medley Relay’s qualification for Indoor Nationals, and the majority of the jump team’s qualification for Easterns. Looking forward, the captains hope to win the MAPL as the team traditionally has in the past, and they anticipate strong performances at other big meets, including their Senior Night on February 10 against Union Catholic and Easterns.