Sustainability Council Hosts Trashion Show

News  /  by Shaezmina Khan '19 and Linda LI '19  /  February 09, 2018

From left to right, the models of McClellan House, Kirby House, and Dickinson House.

This past Thursday during school meeting, the Sustainability Council hosted the School’s annual Trashion Show as a part of Sustainuary, a month-long initiative to improve the School’s eco-friendliness.

Students from each House modeled outfits made entirely from waste, using materials ranging from bubble wrap to cardboard boxes. This year’s champion was The McClellan House with model Lana Utley ’20, followed by the Dickinson House in second place and the Kirby house in third. First place earned three House Cup points, while second and third won two points and one point, respectively.

Trisha Bansal ’19, representing the Stephens House, took to the stage donning a dress made primarily from bubble wrap and garbage bags.

Stephens House Sustainability Representative Adrienne Chen ’19 said, “A lot of people within the house saved up their rubbish. For instance, most of the bubble wrap was from the packaging for things they ordered online.”

“Because we collectively worked on this project, I think it definitely brought us all together and created a more cooperative environment in the house,” Chen added.

The Woodhull House, led by its Sustainability Representative Tony Damian ’19, took a different approach to the project.

“We are creating a washing machine out of cardboard along with a costume of a tide pod for our model, Jack Collins [’20]. He will enter through the machine and exit for the crowd to see him,” Damian said.

“I love making creative costumes out of materials that were otherwise going to be unused or thrown out,” he said.

Although all of The Kennedy House’s materials were accidentally thrown out, The Kennedy House created a dragon costume, modeled by Paris Husic ’19 and Micah Jones ’19. The outfit was made out of cardboard, apple holder plates, unwanted t-shirts, cut up magazines, and orange bags that the Irwin staff helped them compile.

Kennedy House Sustainability Representative Jonny Yue ’19 said his favorite part of the Trashion Show is “the atmosphere at school meeting when everyone is waiting for the results from the judges.”

The finalists of the show were the Kirby, Dickinson, McClellan, and Kennedy Houses, whose costumes were modeled by Reghan Funderburk ’20, Edward Schwartz ’20, Lana Utley ’20, and Paris Husic ’19 and Micah Jones ’19, respectively. At the end of the show, The McClellan House was awarded first place.

Lana Utley ’20, McClellan’s model, said, “I really enjoyed modeling our dress in front of the whole school. I want to give a special shoutout to Emily Guo ’19 because she spent a lot of time and energy in making the dress. Overall, I felt very proud of McClellan.”