Boys and Girls Water Polo Compete at Easterns

Sports  /  by Linda Li '19  /  November 11, 2017

Courtesy of The Lawrenceville School

This past weekend, the Boys and Girls Varsity Water Polo teams competed at Easterns, a tournament for preparatory high schools on the East Coast. Around sixteen schools, separated into two flights, competed in the boys’ tournament. The boys team, placed in the first flight after its win at Garden States, competed at the Episcopal Academy on both Saturday and Sunday, playing one game each day. Five schools competed in the girls’ tournament at the William Penn Charter School, and the girls team played both of its games on Sunday. The teams put up strong fights throughout the tournament, and all of the games proved to be extremely close.

Understanding the strength of the teams they were up against, the boys knew their games would be difficult to win. The team had also never before encountered either of the teams it played, forcing it to adapt to the opposing teams’ playing styles.

On Saturday, the boys team played The Gilman School. Lawrenceville started off strong with three consecutive goals by Alex Mirkovic ’19 and Co-Captain FJ Husic ’18. However, Gilman was able to catch up and pull ahead, resulting in a 14-18 loss for Big Red.

However, the boys attempted to rebound in the second game on Sunday against Gonzaga College High School. The game was very evenly matched, and the score went back and forth between the two teams. After tying the first quarter, Gonzaga pulled ahead by one point at the half, but Lawrenceville came back to tie the game at the end of the third. Unfortunately, Big Red fell short of victory by just one point with a final score of 13-14.

Top scorers Mirkovic and Husic played particularly well, with another strong performance by Co-Captain Yash Tanga ’18, who saved 17 shots over the course of the two games. However, Husic hoped the team could have had a stronger end to the season.

“I would say we played well, but not as well as we could have,” Husic said. “We needed a little boost of effort to get us to the wins […] With a little more energy, the games would have been ours.”

“I’m still very proud of guys on the team and all the work that they've put in this season,” Co-Captain Matt Haumann ’18 said. “[We] faced some very challenging opponents at Easterns.”

The girls, having already played all the teams that participated in Easterns multiple times throughout the season, felt well prepared for the tournament. The team’s first faced off against Penn Charter, a team it had beaten 11-7 and 12-8 earlier in the season. Because of its previous success, the team entered the game relatively optimistic, but the game proved more difficult than anticipated. The girls had a strong first quarter, pulling ahead of Penn Charter by 4 points, but Penn Charter soon adapted to Big Red’s offensive strategies and ultimately prevailed 16-15.

The girls played their second game against Germantown Academy. In contrast to the first game, the team entered this game expecting a challenge, as Germantown was the second seed for the tournament, and Big Red had lost both previous games against its team 11-14 and 6-12. Again, Big Red had a strong first quarter, beating Germantown 5-1, but the game soon became more difficult, and Germantown caught up in the last quarter, narrowly beating Big Red 10-11.

Despite the results, Co-Captains Sara Essig ’18 and Anoushka Kiyawat ’18 were still pleased with the girls’ performance.

“Germantown has always been one of our most difficult games, and the fact that we only lost by one point shows what a long way we’ve come,” Essig said.

“I am so excited to see this team improve next year when we’re gone, and am optimistic about the future of this team,” Kiyawat said.