Introducing Lville's New CFO: Ben Hammond

Features  /  by Scarlet Au '19  /  November 03, 2017

Ben Hammond joined the Lawrenceville community this year as the new Chief Financial Officer. His role mainly encompasses managing the finances and the budget of the school. Hammond works mostly with the administration, the Human Resources department, and the Buildings and Grounds division. He is also a duty master affiliated with The Stephens House.

Hammond grew up in a boarding school environment himself on the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy, where his father was a French teacher. After graduating from Exeter, Hammond received his undergraduate degree at Harvard College and furthered his studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his M.B.A.

Lawrenceville’s unique features—Harkness and House—drew Hammond to the Lawrenceville community. “I grew up learning around the Harkness table, [and] I believe […] it is a fantastic way to teach and learn. […] I think the Harkness style of learning has served me well throughout my life.” He also wanted to see the House System first hand, as it is different from his experience at Exeter.

Hammond first met Headmaster Stephen S. Murray H’55 ’65 ’16 P’16 while Murray was a senior at Exeter. “It turns out that [Murray] was in my dad’s dorm at Exeter, [...] and he did not have a mustache back then,” Hammond said. “It is a small world because, like my father was a French teacher, Headmaster Murray was a French teacher for a lot of his career,” he added. While the two never saw each other again throughout the years, Hammond and Murray discovered this coincidence during the search process.

Outside of his job, Hammond enjoys sailing and played the sport in college. He began sailing at the age of five under the influence of his father, and now he enjoys sailing with his daughters. Hammond loves the sport because it is very “cerebral” and “involves strategy and tactics.” He also “loves being out on the water.” Hammond additionally enjoys riding his bike with his dog, ice skating, watching movies, and cooking.

Hammond is excited about the current project he is undertaking: the new field house and dining center. He believes the project will be “transformative for Lawrenceville.” Another priority Hammond has for the future is to “strengthen the financial foundations” for the strategic plan, and he is thrilled about the new opportunities this project will provide for Lawrenceville.