How to Survive the 2017-2018 year

Features  /  by Jillian Medina '19  /  September 15, 2017

1. Sharing is not caring: Well actually it is, but my tip is don’t care. We have all been victims of the dreaded boarding school scroungers. The kids who beg for your last piece of gum or the ones who equate borrowing to stealing when it comes to writing utensils. Don’t fall for it. Just say no.

2. Don’t bring your broke friends to the Bath House: This one is sort of an extension of Tip #1. You’re really setting yourself up for failure if you go to the Bath House, Main Street, or anywhere else that sells food with a broke friend. I don’t know about you, but no one’s getting a bite of my flatbread.

3. Don’t procrastinate on laundry: I’ve seen some pretty hilarious outfits born out of a belated laundry day. It’s a good idea to just get it out of the way before you reach the bottom of your drawer.

4. Get creative with your homework plan: Oftentimes, it’s hard to handle the Lawrenceville homework load in one study hall sitting. Learn how to work in the dark, or, for those of us without night vision, get up earlier than the usual five minutes before class to bang it out.

5. Get yourself off Veracross: I don’t even know how some people are invisible on Veracross (someone let me know), but if you can figure out how to prevent the entire school from having access to your embarrassing school photo, do it.

6. Remember your FOBs!!! Most of you infamous FOB forgetters probably think you’re immune to the consequences of your actions at this point, but trust me, your housemates are eventually going to get comfortable enough to leave you outside waiting. So just get a FOB.

7. Sprint to Irwin after Saturday classes: I’m not even kidding. Book it. A few minutes could be the difference between you getting your food quickly and wasting your entire Saturday waiting in line.

8. Stay off Snapchat on Friday nights: It’s a dagger when you watch your friends turning up on a Friday night while you’re staying up doing homework. To avoid slipping into a Saturday-class-induced depression skip the Friday night stories.

9. Go with the flow: Don’t be one of those extra-hype kids that stresses yourself and everyone else out about the next big test or presentation. Just be chill and do your thing.

10. Swerve petty drama: Enough said.