Faculty Tribute: John Madden

News  /  by Eden Fesseha '19  /  May 28, 2017

Courtesy of Facebook

The thought of taking chemistry was a daunting one. Biology, with its organisms and “life,” was nothing foreign. Chemistry, on the other hand, presented something new, something I was sure I wouldn’t like. Mr. Madden, through a mixture of his quirky science cartoons and general enthusiasm about the subject, dispelled my worries.

I don’t remember our first day of class vividly, but I do remember some of my initial impressions of my new teacher. Mr. Madden had a jolly, upbeat voice, one that I’d associate with a cartoon character; a big head of hair, which I was always sure had somehow shrunk overnight; and a wardrobe similar to that of a safari guide. It was obvious that Mr. Madden loved what he did: Teaching was not just a job for him, it was a passion.

Classes with Mr. Madden were never short of interesting, and he always presented new information in a memorable way. Mr. Madden’s powerpoints boasted cool effects or the aforementioned science cartoons. In this way, our class was able to visualize what we were learning, helping us understand complex topics.

Mr. Madden was approachable for help—extremely knowledgeable, he was one to clearly explain topics, making consultation time with him efficient and effective.

Mr. Madden will be missed. The skills that he brings will no doubt benefit another group of students in the same way that they benefited us. Thank you, Mr. Madden, and good luck!