Vice Presidents Elected

News  /  by Anika Bagaria '20  /  April 29, 2017

Olalla Duato '18 / The Lawrecne

Lawrentians elected their Vice Presidents this past Friday, appointing Vice President of Academics Eric Cheng ’18, Vice President of Honor Nicole Lim ’18, and Vice President of Social Life Victoria Cruz ’18 to the 2017-2018 Student Council. After first addressing the IV Form and being elected as finalists, Cheng, Lim, and Cruz presented their platforms and addressed major concerns voiced by the student body this past Thursday at school meeting. The vice presidents plan to effectively collaborate with each other, along with next year’s Student Body President Brianna Thompson ’18, to bring forth their initiatives.

After “deliberat[ing] to [himself] and realiz[ing] that there are some serious changes [he] could bring to the School,” Cheng decided to run for the position of Vice President of Academics.

There are four principal aspects of his platform. First, Cheng aims to encourage splitting consultations into two segments—one reserved for shorter questions and the other for larger concerns—to reduce waiting time. Secondly, he hopes to make rubrics more visible on Haiku for current and past assessments to promote grade standardization and allow students to reflect on their progress.

Thirdly, Cheng strives to eliminate student WiFi restrictions after lights out, planning to “pursue this to the furthest extent [he] can with the faculty.”

While he acknowledges that the regulation is meant to ensure students maintain healthy sleeping habits, Cheng believes it does not deter boarders from working past lights out by utilizing their data plans. Thus, he plans to block social media websites while keeping the WiFi on, permitting students to finish their work without being enticed to procrastination.

Finally, Cheng plans to open student feedback forms throughout the year so they may voice concerns immediately, and he is confident that “the benefits would far outweigh the consequences.”

Ultimately, Cheng aspires to “fulfill the role of [Academic Vice President] with utmost commitment and sincerity.”

While serving as Vice President of Social Life, Cruz hopes to “reinvigorate people to attend” social events by changing the current program.

One of her main goals is to implement a social orientation for new sophomores, in addition to the preexisting Harkness and diversity orientations.

Reflecting on her time as a sophomore, Cruz said, “I did not get to know my class until later that year, which is [not only] unfair to the new sophomores but also to returning sophomores because they don’t get to know their whole class.”

In addition, Cruz plans to focus on diverse, form-wide events to create class unity. Finally, she hopes to bring back an application-based Social Council that would comprise of Lawrentians of various forms. Together, they would collaborate to organize feedback collection, the Hype Squad, the clean-up crew, and other aspects of Lawrenceville’s social life.

Overall, Cruz promises to “bring a sense of unwavering spirit to campus.”

As Vice President of Honor, Lim’s mission is “to act as a student perspective [...] and give the common sense” in terms of disciplinary action at the School.

Firstly, she plans to clarify school rules with both students and faculty through an increased amount of meetings and announcements in order to further standardize disciplinary action.

With this increase in clarity, she hopes that “the Administration will respond fairly and understandingly” to any issue that may arise from a Disciplinary Committee.

“It’s a terrible feeling to have to put your future into the hands of people you feel won’t try to understand you,” Lim said.

Another major aspect of her platform is to persuade the Administration to allow students to release an optional statement after a Disciplinary Committee to “avoid peer-speculation and increase transparency, [...] which would help with social stress.”

In addition, Lim plans to extend the Disciplinary Committee to include a wider variety of students from different forms.