Vice Presidential Finalists Announced

News  /  by Eden Fesseha '19  /  April 21, 2017

Olalla Duato '18 / The Lawrence

On Thursday, IV Formers voted for Vice Presidents of Academics, Social Life, and Honor finalists. Syona Hariharan ’18 and Eric Cheng ’18 were selected as finalists for Vice President of Academics from 17 candidates, Victoria Cruz ’18 and Cully Bogard ’18 were selected finalists for Vice President of Social Life from three candidates, and Bobby Vogel ’18 and Nicole Lim ’18 were selected finalists for Vice President of Honor from 12 candidates.

In her platform, McClellan House’s Vice President of Academics Hariharan stressed the importance of students’ helping each other manage Lawrenceville’s workload. She hopes to encourage these interactions by establishing more peer tutoring sessions in both Lower and the library as well as reserving spaces for study groups in which students can potentially meet with teachers the day before a test. Hariharan also wishes to build on current Vice President of Academics Injil Muhammad ’16’s Academic Amnesty plan with the creation of formalized “Academic Day” from sports.

A member of the Kennedy House, Cheng plans to create an year-round teacher feedback survey so that students’ pressing concerns can be addressed as they arise during the year. In order to make consultation periods more effective, Cheng also proposes to divide consultation into short question times and longer question times. Finally, Cheng said he would work to change the wifi availability at night so that students can do homework later.

Cruz, President of the McClellan House, hopes to improve Saturday life with more themes for dances and a variety of other activities including off-campus opportunities and movie nights in the Bowl. To bring together students in their own forms, Cruz plans to host several form-wide events like Frosh at Ropes Course, Soph Skate, Junior Bonfire, and Senior Paintball. Cruz would re-establish the Social Council application in order to create a group of people committed to campus social life.

The Social Representative of the Woodhull House, Bogard would like to reform a Social Council to collaborate with a diverse group of people in organizing events on campus. Considering that most events are planned prior to the start of the school year, Bogard wishes to improve existing events through coordination between the student council (STUCO) and the student body. Some of the events Bogard hopes to have include form-wide excursions and more dances like “Project W.”

Vogel, Honor Representative for the Dickinson House, has proposed the creation of an “Honor Council Curriculum,” which would allow House Honor Representatives to become knowledge in disciplinary rules and relay the information to members of the house.

Lim, a member of the Stephens House, would work to bridge the gap between students and the administration through creating a means for students to share their DC experiences to alleviate some of the stress that post-DC gossip can bring on. She would also work to clarify certain rules and categorize opposite spectrum “offenses” under one rule by holding conversations at school meeting and other settings.

All of the candidates will speak in front of the entire school at next Thursday’s school meeting, followed by the student body’s voting on Friday.