School Hosts Revisit Day

News  /  by Eden Fesseha '19 and Parrish Albahary '20  /  April 08, 2017

Over the last two weeks, Lawrenceville has welcomed many accepted students to the School through a series of Revisit Days, providing a sense of what being a Lawrentian is like. For many prospective students, Revisit Day is their first glimpse of Lawrenceville’s campus life and student body.

Senior Associate Dean of Admission for Recruitment Lisa Ewanchyna, emphasizing the amount of preparation that goes into Revisit Days, said, “We have to coordinate everything, from the year before when we set the schedule with Dr. Laws [David Laws, Ph.D.] to [these past few weeks with] getting people to speak in the houses.” She added that the process of planning Revisit Days is made particularly long because the Admissions team takes its time in pairing accepted students with current students who share their interests and can best show them the campus.

Additionally, Ewanchyna said that students are heavily involved in the day, as “[they] can be hosts [and also] greet our accepted students outside, which is important, as those are the first faces that families see when they get here.” Lawrentians have reached out to prospective families, sending postcards and writing emails prior to their arrivals at Revisit Day. They have also taken part in musical performances and athletic and club meet-and-greets.

Reflecting on her Revisit Day, Pashmina Khan ’21 said, “After attending Revisit Day, I wanted to come to Lawrenceville more because I saw different sides to the story—different Lawrenceville stories.”

Similarly, David Perilutsky ’21 said, “I’ve never seen a Harkness table before, [...] so this was a learning experience for me.”

These first impressions on Revisit Day have stuck with many students throughout their times at Lawrenceville.

Anika Bagaria ’20, reflecting on her own Revisit Day, said, “I think our new mission statement really says it all, ‘Through House and Harkness,’ and I think those are two unique aspects that no school can do better than what we do.”

Isabel Paine ’20 said, “On Revisit Day, everyone I met put on a warm smile, and it made me feel like Lawrenceville was already my school.”