Thompson ’18 Elected Student Body President

News  /  by Eden Fesseha '19  /  April 08, 2017

Brianna Thompson ’18 and ‘Fitz.’

Congratulations to Brianna Thompson ’18 on being elected the next Student Body President. Thompson’s platform centered on creating a Lawrenceville where all students have the opportunity to contribute their beliefs, opinions, ideas, and talents at the Harkness table and outside of the classroom.

Thompson said, “I think here at Lawrenceville we’ve gotten a little complacent and a little content with letting other people speak for us.” She also noted that “all 820 of us here have something extremely important to say because Lawrenceville is an extremely selective school.”

Some ways Thompson hopes to highlight Lawrenceville’s diversity of opinions and cultures include having more social activities, theme days, and minute-to-win-it games during school meeting. She also plans to showcase student accomplishments by expanding the Dog Pound and creating other “Athlete of the Week”-type awards, such as “Artist of the Week” and “Club of the Week.”

Issues Thompson hopes to address during her presidency include the School’s hook-up culture and potential discrepancies in the grading system.

“There’s a lot of debate regarding the way that teachers grade—the consistency across the disciplines,” said Thompson. She plans to combat this problem with the aid of the Academics Vice President working with teachers to perhaps have papers be reviewed by more than one teacher.

Another cornerstone of Thompson’s platform is transparency.

Addressing students’ sense of not knowing what “goes on,” Thompson said, “Put things out there so people feel that they have the resources to explore new things and try new things and be more involved here on campus.

This she hopes to accomplish through having an all-school Haiku page on which everything from the DC system and major school rules to mental health resources on campus and availability of leadership positions is addressed.

At the same time, together with the rest of the student council, Thompson plans to hold several open forums in which open dialogue about anything is encouraged.

This is central to Thompson’s commitment to being a “friend,” amongst other things, and reflects on her belief that a student body president is “someone that you see yourself speaking with on an honest level.”

Finally, Thompson realizes that “there is always room for improvement,” and welcomes the conversations with those around her that will improve her time as president.

During her past two and a half years as a Lawrentian, the Jamaica native has served the school as president of the Carter House, an RCI, a counselor for School Camp, a member of Olla Pod, and a member of the Girls JV Soccer Team, Thompson has truly been involved in almost every aspect of the school—an asset she brings to her presidency.

Thompson and fellow candidate Mohammed Diakite ’18 participated in a forum held by Alex Small ’18, Executive Producer of L10, and Will Madonia ’18, Editor-in-Chief of The Lawrence, during Thursday’s school meeting, followed by last Friday’s school-wide election. Elections for the vice presidents will take place in the coming weeks, and the process will end with current student body president Yiannis Vandris ’17 passing the torch to Thompson at the 2017 Commencement.