Lawrence Editorial Board CXXXVII Announced

News  /  by Staff Report  /  February 24, 2017

Lisa Kim '17/The Lawrence

The 136th Lawrence Board is pleased to announce the selection of the 137th Board, which will begin its tenure at the beginning of Spring Term.

Leading the Board will be the Upper Management partnership of Editor-in-Chief Will Madonia ’18 and Managing Editor James Wellemeyer ’18. Other Board members are News Editor Hadley Copeland ’18, Co-Opinions Editors Grace Blaxill ’18 and Isabel Karohl ’18, Sports Editor Alex Yang ’18, Arts Editor Adrian Schwalbe ’18, Features Editor Bianca Mangravite ’18, and Associate Editor Tiffany Thomas ’18.

Sonia Shah ’18, Katherine Xiong ’19, and Ivy Zhang ’19 will serve as Copy Editors. Photo Editor Vanya Tandon ’18 and Head Photographer Olalla Duato ’18 will work alongside Graphics Editor Alvaro Barrera ’18 and Head Artist Fiona Gould ’18 to contribute to the enhancement of the visual and aesthetic aspects of the paper. Alex Sukach ’18 and Kevin Shao ’19 will manage the paper’s online features as Web Design Editor and Web Development Editor, respectively.

In the coming year, Madonia and Wellemeyer aim to develop an all-around higher level efficiency in the office, with the hopes of further cultivating growth of writers through more extensive systems of feedback. Specifically, Madonia and Wellemeyer hope to move “office night,” the period during which the majority of the paper is edited and designed, from Thursday to Wednesday, as “sacrifices in design and content are often made on Thursday night due to time constraints,” Madonia said. Madonia and Wellemeyer are also looking to make the paper more visually appealing by including more graphics.

The two also plan to hold weekly debriefs with the rest of the Board to discuss the previous week’s paper, and the Board will open these meetings to both writers and Associates. Through these meetings, Madonia and Wellemeyer would like to emphasize the approachability and accessibility of The Lawrence in order to attract and develop newer writers. The pair would like to further this initiative by opening “Board Picks” up to other student groups on campus, including athletes, clubs, or honorees. Finally, the 137th Board also plans to attend the Columbia University Spring Journalism Conference, as the 136th Lawrence Board did this past year.

Looking ahead to his coming tenure, Madonia hopes to open The Lawrence up to a broader audience of writers and readership. He said: “Writing is an exercise, above all, in empathy. As such, we will guide our writers to explore issues from every angle and through every voice. To all the budding writers out there, I urge you to start with passion and work towards growth. I, too, was once terrified of writing for The Lawrence, but I promise, the paper isn’t about the Board, it’s about how the Board can serve you.”

Wellemeyer emphasized the same sentiment, saying, “We really want to make The Lawrence more accessible to the student body by having more writers in the office and sending out more regular feedback to writers, as one issue that has come up in the past is new writers’ not receiving comments from Editors when their articles are not published. We also really want to emphasize that it is never ‘too late’ to start writing for The Lawrence. No matter if you’re a freshman or a senior right now, we encourage you to write about something you’re interested in.”

Madonia concluded, “For 136 years, The Lawrence has helped translate the generosity, insight, and intellect of the student body into words. James and I are honored to continue this tradition with the 137th Board.”

The 137th Board plans to host their first writers’ meeting this Spring Term for those interested in contributing to The Lawrence.