The Blackbox Gets Bloody: From the Mouth of Lady Macbeth

Arts  /  by Annika Goldman '18  /  February 27, 2015

A show full of blood, murder, and greed will take the Blackbox stage of the Kirby Arts Center this coming weekend (February 27 & 28). We II Formers have been working on this show since November, acting, sewing, and building. This year’s production is Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest. This was a risky show to take on, as many people in the theatre world believe that it is cursed. It’s believed that even uttering the word “Macbeth” in a theatre can bewitch a production. Hopefully, our show will continue to run as smoothly as it has been and won’t succumb to this curse.

Daniel Joseph ’18, who plays Macbeth, is optimistic and states that everyone involved “[is] doing fantastic.” He admits that the cast has had “issues” with a few of the scenes, but he has faith that the group will pull it together. When I asked him what his favorite part was, he smiled at me and responded that one of my own scenes was his favorite. He noted, about me, “She screams, flips her hair, and freaks everyone out.” In case watching me go crazy isn’t enough to convince you to come, he adds that students who will have to read Macbeth in their sophomore Spring can use this as to “get ahead in English.”

Another important member of Macbeth, Costume Manager Kaeli Huesman ’18, has also been working unbelievably hard behind the scenes. With the help of Mrs. Cunningham, she and many other students have sewn more dublets than they can count and made all the actors look beautiful on the stage. Kaeli’s favorite costumes are the witches’, which are “ragged and old with fish net.”

Behind the scenes, the tech crew is also “making sure that everything runs smoothly” according to Emily Engebretson ’18. The tech crew keeps the backstage organized, putting props where they need to be and carrying things on and off stage. All of the transitions and set ups are controlled by the Production Stage Manager, Harini Srinivasan ’18, who is up in the “God Box.” She leads the whole show, telling the crew what to do and exactly when to do it by calling all the sound and light cues through a headset. It’s not always a calm and collected experience. She mentioned, “I hear a lot of backstage drama, like people going missing.” Just like Dan, Harini knows that everything will come together in the next few days of tech.

Make sure to come see the talented actors and actresses, the beautiful costumes, and support the techies this coming weekend. Harini claims that, “This is no ordinary play” and it is even, at times, “bone chilling.” So for anyone planning on going, Harini wants to tell you to “Get pumped because the freshmen are going to blow your socks off!”